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We Are Joint Heirs

Where it All Began...


Joint Heirs is a Gospel Magazine that promotes a range of Gospel – from Gospel Artists, news, Christian Businesses, Entrepreneurs and more. The heart and soul of this magazine though is family. This is the story of Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine.

I’ve been through alot in my life down through the years, each one of us have. My past isn’t what I would call “pretty.” But, all of my mistakes, failures, & downfalls make me who I am today. I honor my past and embrace my journey because I know that God is with me and that I am exactly where I need to be. I didn’t allow my past to dictate my future’ says Erica Hitson, CEO and Founder of Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine along with her twin sister Kimberly Williams, (Co- Founder) and their younger sibling La’Shanda Elliott.

Jones continues, ‘We are 3 humble ladies who were born and raised up in the country. We’re from a very small city known as Town Creek, Alabama. We were brought up in the church, born into a bloodline of pastors and preachers and we don’t take that lightly. We do count it another blessing from God. The late Rev. Frank Roach Sr., (who was our grandfather and also a legend in the gospel his community, and surrounding areas) had a heart for God’s people no matter what. He did not see color only JESUS. He pastored for well over sixty years altogether and he pastored up until his last few months in earth before God called him to rest. Minister Rosetta Harris, who is our mother has been preaching the Gospel for thirty-six years and co-pastoring five years, and we have a older brother who was called into the Gospel Minister Corey Harris, whom we are also very close to. I was called into the ministry 25 years ago, and I Thank God for choosing me. We all enjoy working for and in the Kingdom of God. Ministry is what we do it’s who we are.’

After years of prayer seeking an outlet for her faith, Erica was shown the vision that has become the reality of Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine.. ‘Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine is not just a 1 particular race or color magazine. God has given each and everyone one of us a purpose, gift, calling and talent that we do believe were all purposed for the Kingdom of God. They all belong to Him. It’s how we use them.


‘We love God and He has given us such an amazing love for all of His people. Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine is that platform where you will find many different gifts, race, creed, nationalities etc., you will see them all be brought together. We give all the glory to God for this. Whether you were raised by one parent, both parents, didn’t have biological parents, raised by someone else, adopted, or raised yourself. Whether you have experienced the life of being rejected, mistreated, abused, church hurt, or just had what I would called a “Jacked Up life.” It’s not how we start but it’s how we finish. The best parent that we could all have is God the Father & His son Jesus who are both one, and He will judge us all in the end’ says Jones. ‘One Lord, one faith, and, one baptism. Ephesians 4:5.’


What will new readers find in Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine? It’s not just music. There will be occasional themes, such as for the month of October the theme will be Breast Cancer Awareness with news in the magazine on different types of treatment where women no longer have to have face discectomy. Tips on wellness and eating healthier are presented as they play a key role in longevity as we live to be prosperous and to be productive as well as effective in this forever changing world.


There will also be events schedules listed for God’s chosen ones: Bishops, Apostles, Pastors, Evangelists, Prophets and Prophetesses, ministers of music, NFL & NBA players, Sports Recruiting Agents, Gospel record label owners, and anyone else, that tours worldwide proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus bring healing, Deliverance for the sin sick souls so that they may be made whole in the name of Christ Jesus.


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