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Kimberly Williams

The Co-Owner and Manager of JHGM is Kimberly Williams. Besides publishing, Kimberly is also a professional in two other industries. Having worked as a Professional Licensed Stylist for over twenty-four years with her own salon for the past fifteen years, she became a Cosmetologist Instructor at Virginia College.

Music though is Kimberly Williams' other great passion. She is proudly married to Dezimen Williams of the group The Williams Singers. Kimberly says, 'I thank God for my husband. He's my best friend and supportive in what God has called me to do. We are supportive in what God has called me to do. We are supportive to each other's vision and call. I have two Beautiful children Amberly, and Ishimeal. I love my family. I enjoy singing, traveling, spending time with my family.' Kimberly resides in Indianapolis, IN.

Regarding Joint Heirs Gospel Magazine, Kimberly Williams says, 'It is truly an honor to be a part of this amazing vision, JHGM, that God has given my sister Prophetess Erica Hitson